Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wine in the Garden--Georis Style

     There is nothing quite like sitting in the garden at Georis Winery sipping a Carmelo Rosato and nibbling on cheese and crackers. 
      Even if we weren’t tasting wine, we’d love it here, a little bit of Europe right in our home territory—blue, yellow, green bistro tables and chairs; an old noble oak providing ambiance and shade; colorful paper cut-out banners; love birds cooing along with the French music, and the sound of water spilling into a pond.
      Plus, the garden was dog friendly.  Our server brought our dog water and an organic treat, sweet and welcoming gestures.
      For our tasting, we decided to focus on red wine (there is also a white tasting, and a mixed red/white tasting).  We liked the Estate Merlot, an earthy dark ruby wine, and the 2006 Estate “La Chapelle,” our server Molly’s favorite wine.
      “La Chapelle” was described as revealing “great tannins.” We even thought we could actually taste that woody quality that apparently comes from the grape skins and seeds and from the oak barrels.
      We are both Georis Wine Club Members so we have enjoyed a good deal of Georis wine over the years.  As with many wine clubs, there are all kinds of perks including great seasonal parties, graciously hosted by Sylvia and Walter Georis.
      This year the Harvest party was at Paloma, a new Georis location just up the street from their tasting room and garden.  It’s a lovely area with its own little vineyard, petanque courts, and plenty of room for outdoor, and indoor, events.
      The food was fun barbecue fare—grilled chicken and sausage, Caesar salad, garlic bread, orzo pilaf, and the much anticipated chocolate brownies. At least three different wines were available.  We were particularly fond of both of their rosés, the Carmelo Rosato and Les Abeilles. Both were light and crisp and had a beautiful light salmon color. 
      For details on the tasting room and wine club membership,
check out their website at  Or better yet, visit them at 4 Pilot Road, Carmel Valley. 
      A visit to Georis Winery tasting room and garden is a treat for all the senses.  Enjoy!

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