Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wine, Women and Song

Last Monday night, we happened onto an early Valentine’s celebration at one of our favorite Carmel Valley restaurants, Will’s Fargo. We went in to do some “research,” wanting to have a Carmel Valley-by-the-Glass experience.  What we found was a festive pre-Valentine’s event—vocals by the twosome “Brotherly Love”, that is Lee Durley and Ray Paul, doing romantic music from the 40’s and 50’s.   When we heard the line from All I Have to Do Is Dream which says “I can make you mine, taste your lips of wine,” we knew we were in the right place at the right time.
The place was filled with people of all ages and configurations—a single man who requested “Girl from Ipanema,” two women enjoying dinner and conversation, a single woman having a spinach salad and garlic bread, couples and foursomes, many of whom danced to the music.  Bartender Lynn and our server Laurie sang right along with the band which made the customers smile.
We knew we wanted to order a glass each of a Carmel Valley wine and create our own tasting.  MK ordered a Chock Rock 2006 Syrah and LC ordered the Joyce 2007 Merlot. The Chock Rock Syrah was a dry red with a smooth “minerality” taste to it; the Joyce Merlot was fuller, berry-like, and with just a hint of sweetness to it. While the wines were different, we were both pleased with the one we had chosen. 
We ordered a few of the evening dinner specials to go with the wine:  sweet potato fries (very yummy) and cream of mushroom soup, along with two of their standards, garlic bread and the Portobello mushroom stuffed with spinach, feta cheese, and pine nuts. We noticed how with a little “breathing” time and with food, each wine came into its own, flavor-wise.
We’re looking forward to doing an “official” tasting of more Joyce wines and of the Chock Rock wines when they open their new tasting room in the valley.
Until our next entry, Happy Valentine’s, everyone.  May it be filled with good wine, lots of love and everything your heart desires.

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