Tuesday, February 28, 2012

This Side of Valentine's Day

Our revisit to Chateau Julien Wine Estate happened at just the right time. They were having their mid-February, Valentiney "Red Wine and Chocolate Weekend."  That sounded like all the necessary food groups to us, so off we went.
There was quite a young, hip crowd there all enjoying the dynamite duo of wine and chocolate.  The wines were being poured by Patty Brower, one of Chateau Julien's owners, in the outside foyer.  The chocolates, all from local vendors, were mounded on large round red plates in the inside tasting room, complete with a fire in the fireplace, a welcome addition to what was a cold day.  
We loved going to the tasting bar, getting our red wine, being guided to the chocolate goodie that would be the best accompanying sweet and then moseying over to the chocolate trays to pick up just the right chocolate. (Is there anything but "just the right chocolate?")  We then made our way back to the warmth of the fireplace to taste our combo.
Here were the suggested pairings:
·         2009  Sangiovese, a nice big ruby red wine, with Tiramisu Chocolate Caramels and Chocolate Covered Blueberries (from Gil's Gourmet Gallery)
·         2007  Private Reserve Merlot with toffee (from Scotty Gibson)
·         2007  Black Nova III (a combination of 50% Malbec and 50% Syrah) and dark chocolate truffles (from Lula's)
·         Julien Port with fudge (from Pieces of Heaven)
We tried them all--no surprise there--and decided our favorite was the Black Nova III with the chocolate truffles.  Both were rich and dark and wonderful.
We love the beauty of Chateau Julien, the quality of their wines, and their fun events like this wine-chocolate day.  For more information on their wines and other interesting events throughout the year, check out their website at (http://www.chateaujulien.com/).
And do remember that wine and dark chocolate are high on the list of what's healthy for us now.  No wonder we felt so good after our jaunt to Chateau Julien.

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