Friday, March 30, 2012

A Little Bit of Hollywood in Carmel Valley

        There we were, drinking wines created by Alan Silvestri and listening to his movie musical scores. What a dynamic duo for our village.
        The Silvestri Vineyards tasting room is one of the newest additions to what has become wine central for Carmel Valley.  The room is spacious, modern, in subtle colors of beige and brown, with large colorful posters and a flat screen display of the movies Alan Silvestri has written scores for.  There's "Forest Gump" and "Back to the Future" and "Father of the Bride" and many more.
        Of course the main feature is the wine.  We were already fans of Silvestri wines but we were definitely excited about trying them anew. 
         Listed below are a couple of current favorites and what they might pair well with:
·        ~ 2010 Pinot Blanc--light, easy to drink, nice aromas of
·         pear, perfect as a warm-day beverage, would be good with some great cheese and dried fruit.  ($25 a bottle, an LC purchase)
·        ~ 2007 Pinot Noir-- full, spicy, very Zinfandel-like, would be yummy with a grilled salmon or some blue cheese
·        ~ 2007 Syrah--hefty, smoky, earthy, with a slight sweetness like currants to it, would be wonderful with smoked lamb chops (according to both a neighboring taster, a winemaker, and our server, a former vintner from Napa Valley).  At $18 a bottle, MK couldn't resist.
·         ~2005 Pinot Noir--good drinking right now and as our server described it "big, but you don't feel threatened." That's our kind of wine. 
        To top off our tasting, we got to meet Alan and his wife and toast to their new tasting venture.
        We think you would enjoy both the wines and the musical ambiance of the tasting room for Silvestri Vineyards (www. at 19 East Carmel Valley Road. (659-1700), open Thursday through Sunday, 11-5.  Or you can order wines from their website.  Either way, the beat goes on... or "Let the music begin."


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    1. Thanks, Monika, for tuning into our blog. We're glad you're enjoying it.