Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ladies Night Out

Boëté Winery, in the Valley Hills Center on Carmel Valley Road, has recently started a special evening for women.  Whoo-hoo! 
        From 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday nights, Boëté is inviting women to come taste their wines-by-the-glass, have some "cheese, chocolate and great conversation."  We did just that a few weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.
        We were there with one of our favorite sidekicks, SW, and did our own version of a wine tasting by each of us getting a different wine. We took a fancy to all three --the 2006 Estate Cheval Rouge, their signature blend of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot, which had a spicy quality to it; the 2007 Estate Cabernet Franc Reserve which was rich, full, with a nice "nose" and finish.  (LC and MK both felt so proud that they could actually catch a hint of the blackberries the official description described.) And the 2005 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon was rich and full bodied.  True to their advertising, the wine came with a very nice cheese board with crackers and toffee.  We even provided "great conversation," or so we thought.
        There are fun wine paraphernalia in the wine bar/shop, so if you're looking for some gifts to bring to a party, along with a bottle of Boëté wine, of course, check out the napkins with catchy phrases like  "You had me at Merlot," "Do you know the way to Cabernet" and "Que Syrah, Syrah."  They also sell wine truffles and some dynamite toffee made by Jeff at nearby Central Coast Flyfishing. 
        Boëté's vineyard is right in Carmel Valley and all wines are estate wines, i.e. created from grapes from that vineyard. Check out their website for the story of how the winery got started and for more information about their wines. 
        And by all means, make a visit to taste their it for Ladies Night Out or anytime you feel like a good local red wine.  And watch for the trellis they'll be adding to the front of their tasting room for outdoor seating for those glorious weather days in the valley.

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