Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Fun Place for History, Wine and Other Assorted Goodies

             We had been wanting to try Restaurant 1833 in Monterey for quite some time, so last Saturday, after our movie ("We Have a Pope"--poignant), we walked right up there and did a little research.

         Coming through the patio door, we passed through a lovely courtyard of blazing fire pits, oversized chairs and sofas, and mature palm, redwood and oak trees.
         The restaurant is in one of the oldest, and some say haunted, buildings in Monterey.  The original one-room adobe home was built in 1833. James Stokes, a supposed pharmacist, purchased it in 1837 and started adding rooms. Much later, in the 1950's, it became an elegant restaurant, Gallatin's, followed by another restaurant called Stokes Adobe. It was recently refurbished and reopened by its new owners David Bernahl and Rob Weakley as Restaurant 1833.
         We went to the "Apothecary," the bar named after Stokes' pharmacy, and found it to be a comfortable and sophisticated setting--with shelves of old books, a high communal bar table with candles in tall holders running down the middle, and a variety of seating possibilities.  We chose to sit in the comfy sofa/table area.
         We wanted to try some local area wines that were new to us, but we were also fascinated by the offerings of absinthe, tequila and unique cocktails "to cure what ails you."
         MK chose the Field Fare Pinot Noir '09 and LC had the Pisoni "Lucy" Pinot Noir Rosé. (JA was a happy camper with his Guinness.)  The Pinot Noir had a full berry bouquet and was well balanced, silky and smooth.  The "Lucy" Rosé, a lovely strawberry color, was crisp, cool and clean.   And we loved reading the stories connected with this wine at Lucia Vineyards.
          Appetizers, what they called "Eats," included some creative choices.  We chose the warm olives and the crispy pork served over spicy mustard with frisée.  The couple at the end of our table had the carpaccio, deviled eggs and biscuits, bacon cheddar or sundried tomato feta, all of which looked very tasty.
         Restaurant 1833 provides a fun upscale restaurant to the Monterey scene. The story about the house and the restaurant on the website is fascinating.  We'll be back to explore all the rooms, try dinner and peruse what is supposed to be an amazing wine list.  We'll keep you posted.

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