Friday, August 31, 2012

Just a Little North

       There we were, camping in our van on Suttle Lake, Oregon, when LC got a very strong urge to taste some Oregon wines.  So off we went to Sisters to link up with friends and visit Cork Cellars for some local wine imbibing.   
        As luck would have it, there was a special tasting of wines from Et Fille, a small Willamette Valley boutique winery owned and run by a father and daughter (thus the Et Fille, "and daughter," name).  Lucky for us, the daughter, Jessica, was there and filled us in on the wine and the winery's history.
        The winery is now selling wines from its tenth harvest, which had been preceded by 20 years of hobby wine making by the father.  Their focus, as is the case for many Willamette Valley vintners, is on Pinot Noir, but we started out our tasting with a very nice light and refreshing 2010 Viognier Deux Vert, named so because the grapes came from the vineyard owned by the two Greens, Mike and Patty.
        Then Jessica returned and poured a 2009 WV (Willamette Valley) Pinot Noir, a blend from seven vineyards and very "fruit forward," as Jessica said.  This was followed by a 2010 Heredity WV Pinot which we all loved--full and elegant.
        The two other wines we enjoyed on our Oregon adventures were also from the Willamette Valley.  One was Jose's Rose, from the "Wine by Joe" line of the Joe Dobbes Wines.  It was light, refreshing, fruity, unpretentious, and inexpensive ($12 from the winery).  Its label pegged it perfectly--"muy bueno..." and "without attitude."       Our kind of wine.
        The other was a Pinot Noir from Twelve, a family winery near McMinnville, known not only for its great estate grown Pinots, but also for its wine labels, all revolving around the number 12.  We had their 2009 Pinot Noir with dinner and loved its full, deep garnet color and full body.  No wonder Twelve was selected as one of 60-70 wineries to participate in the annual International Pinot Noir Celebration held every July in McMinnville, Oregon. 
        It's so fun to travel, whether by van or by being transported to another state or country by tasting a little of their wine.  Keep on traveling!

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