Thursday, October 11, 2012

Rombi Wows

We loved our tasting at Rombi, one of the latest additions to the wine tasting mecca that Carmel Valley is becoming. 
Located at 1 Center Street in the village behind Will's Fargo, and open Saturday and Sunday from 12-6, the tasting room is light and appealing, with a bar made of old redwood, and large photographs of the vineyard, some taken by the winemaker himself on the walls. 
The Rombi estate is located in Trampa Canyon in Cachagua, within eye shot of Heller and Joullian vineyards.  It is a small vineyard of 1800 vines of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. Salvatore Rombi grows the grapes and makes the wine himself, producing just fewer than 100 cases of each varietal each year.
When we visited the tasting room, both Sal and his partner Kathy Baker were there and very enthusiastic about Rombi wines.  We were, too.
Usually, MK leans toward the Cabernets and LC toward the Merlots, but this time 'round, we each liked both.  We loved the Merlot "nose"-- earthy and fruity-- and the wine was smooth and easy to drink.  The Cabernet was elegant, and lighter than many Cabernets, more "Old World."  A bottle of either would be perfect for a special occasion.  (The Merlot costs $65; the Cabernet Sauvignon is $85.  The wine tasting itself is $7 for a taste of both their 2008 wines.)
To get a fuller picture of what Salvatore Rombi and his wines are all about, take a look at the video clips on the Rombi website.  There is an interesting commentary on the Cabernet and a description of Kathy and Sal’s Vintage Cottage for rent on the property.  It looks so peaceful…when can we go?
"Old World" beautiful leather wine carriers
On one of these fall weekend days, consider taking a trip to the Rombi tasting room for what the Monterey County Weekly recently called "another wowser wine to taste in Carmel Valley."  We’re sold!

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