Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dam Right

If you find yourself in Las Vegas with sensory overload, you may find a relaxing wine tasting experience close by in a town called Boulder City.  This little town is a refreshing place to visit not so far south from the maddening crowd.  It has all the amenities a small town should have like a tasting room, a micro brewery, a movie theatre,  public  art,  good walking  and natural beauty.  And lastly, a good  “mom’s eats” place for breakfast appropriately called The Coffee Cup.   Boulder City is the gateway town for Hoover Dam, so if you want to see some history and an interesting man-made barrier, you can do that, too.
         The tasting room in BC is called Milo’s Cellar and it is smack dab in the middle of the pocket-sized downtown strip.  There are shaded tables outside but we chose to go inside for our tasting.  In early 2003, Milo's Best Cellars opened and according to the website, was an instant success offering over 50 beers and wines by the glass.   Milo’s Restaurant is also rated #1 in Trip Advisor for restaurants in Boulder City.
        There were no Carmel Valley wines on the list so we tried a Malbec 2011 from Argentina and it paired perfectly with the portabella and spinach salad offered by the restaurant.  The Malbec was aptly named “The Seeker” which we thought perfect for folks on vacation.  The wine was up-front fruit, blackberry and cherry, with a nice oak finish.  Very delicious. 
         Other fun things to do in Boulder are:  attend the yearly film Festival (Dam Short Film Festival), take a walking tour around town looking at the unusual sculptures, shop in local stores, take the train up the hill for 4 miles and see some great traversing bike trails, drive up to Bootleg Canyon and sit on the blue couch to ponder Las Vegas from a distance.