Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top Ten Carmel Valley Not-Too-Expensive Wines

        Here are some of our current favorites for those longer days of spring and summer.  What's nice is that they are all between $15 and $30 a bottle.  We like that.  Plus, if you're having a wedding or special event, check to see if there might be a discount on cases.

Georis                  Les Abeilles Rosé
Chesebro             Rosé and Vermentino
Mercy                   Zabala Vineyard Syrah
Talbott                 Kali Hart Chardonnay
Chateau Julien       French Kiss
Bernardus             Griva Sauvignon Blanc
Silvestri                 Bella Sandra Chardonnay
Dawn's Dream       Alyssa Pinot Noir
Boete                    Cheval Rouge

   Enjoy and please let us know what some of your favorite not-too-expensive wines are, be they from Carmel Valley or anywhere. Click "comments" in the space at the bottom of the blog entry, enter your comments in the box, choose a profile (anonymous is an easy one), click publish, and voila!  It's fun to get new ideas.

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