Thursday, December 19, 2013

Holiday Party Central

     Well, we did it.  We went to the mouth of the valley to the newish BevMo!  What a trip. We actually had fun in this land of over-the-top plenty. So many choices for every kind of holiday beverage and accompanying nibbles, mixes, cheeses, glasses, you name it. 
     We wandered from aisle to aisle...from the gourmet cheeses to the caviar, from the bubbly aisle to the ale aisle, from the gluten free beers to the liqueurs, from the local wines to the foreign. When we asked how many different kinds of wines they had, they said "thousands."

     We ended up buying between us some Prosecco, Scottish ale, ginger beer, a liqueur as an anniversary gift for a friend, a Banana Bread Beer (you heard it here) just to try, some Hibiscus flowers for we know not what, and some non-alcoholic Ariel wine and sparkling cider..  Some of their wines are pay-for-one-get-one-for-5 cents. 
     Periodically, they hold wine/beer tastings in a special tasting area, and they're not expensive.  $2 is what we were told.  Call ahead, though, to see when their tastings for the week will be.
     No, BevMo! Is not your local small winery, but it certainly has a huge selection of every kind of beverage for any holiday need --a lovely wine with Christmas dinner, all kinds of spirits for a festive New Year's Eve cocktail party, some unique beers for the Rose Bowl (Go Stanford!).  And for the game you can even get a game tray in the shape of a football. 
So if BevMo! sounds like your cup of tea, so to speak, our local one is located at 26538 Carmel Rancho Road (250 0621).  For one near you, check their website.
     We'll be thinking of all of you as we wend our ways through this festive season.  May you have safe and happy holidays. See you in 2014! 

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